Designing an application is a team based effort that takes time, creativity, and hard work. Every detail matters, from the placement of various buttons to their size, shape, and color. Ensuring that there is seamless flow from one part of the app to another is key to creating a meaningful user experience. We pride ourselves on designing applications that are easy to use and which help solve everyday problems. For us, design is all about the details.

Designing an application is more than just the flow between screens. It also involves beautiful elements that make you want to come back to the application over and over again. How do those animated elements work with each other? How do they help a user understand the flow? Those are questions that are solved by an animator well versed in user interface design.

Our graphic designers also work to create high quality graphics for not just our gaming applications, but also for our business applications.

Application development is a complex process that requires converting the designs and animations over to computer code. Programming efficient, flawless code in modern computer languages is what we do! Whether we are creating iOS applications using Swift, universal applications using React / React Native, or making games in Unity, we pride ourselves on writing high quality, efficient code that gets the job done right. We are also well versed in HTML, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, C#, and a variety of other languages.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are the next frontiers in information technology. We have amassed expertise in big data and sophisticated machine learning algorithms, which we have combined with our expertise in design and applications. The result is applications that help solve everyday problems in ways never before imagined. The power to make accurate decisions using real time data is in your hands today. 

The Right Tools For The Right Solution. Every Time.

The Right Tools

We use modern programming languages with world class platforms to develop meaningful solutions that will impact your life.

The Right Data

The quality of a machine learning application is dependent on the quality of the data that goes in. We work hard to obtain high quality data sources from trusted authorities.

The Right Solution

Solving problems accurately is hard. This is where combining the right tools with the right data can make all the difference. This is what we do at Nubeculae. We are light years ahead.

Nubeculae: We Are Light Years Ahead.

We emphasize UI/UX throughout all design phases to ensure a seamless end user experience for you.

Leverage sophisticated machine learning and cutting edge AI to gain deep insights into everyday tasks.

Our sophisticated APIs leverage real time data whenever possible to create a meaningful and relevant experience.

Our focus is on highly visual elements that beautifully convey functionality. Simple and effective.

Transforming Lives Through Technology

Creative Design + Leading Technology = Innovation