To Do List: Organize Tasks


Create to do lists, organize tasks, and schedule reminders on your calendar with this easy-to-use daily planner. Manage productivity and organization using checklists.

Organize your life and get things done more efficiently! Improve your productivity with this easy-to-use task manager. Group your to do items into lists, flag important tasks, and quickly view today’s agenda using the daily planner and Today widgets.


It’s a plus to be detail oriented. Add as much information as you like to your to do items. You set the priority, due date, and category for each task you create. Quickly set up multiple tasks in just seconds.


Categorize and color code your lists to keep your tasks organized. Star important lists to prioritize them to the top. Red alert icons identify lists with overdue tasks to help get you back on track. Use lists to keep track of shopping, groceries, vacation planning, work, homework, recipes, and even your bucket list.

Daily Planner

Welcome to just-in-time data. The Today screen highlights all of your tasks due by the end of the day. Identify prioritized and overdue items at a glance. Is your day wrapping up? Look ahead to what is coming up tomorrow and get a head start.

Today Widget

View essential information right from your Home Screen on the iPhone and iPad! The Today widgets show you on-time performance, priorities, and even your next three tasks coming up.

Calendars and Reminders

Want to make sure that a task appears on your calendar? Add tasks directly to your iOS Calendar or Reminders. Receive notifications as tasks become due. Sound effects and haptic feedback enrich your experience and motivate you to stay organized.

Performance Metrics

Visualize the number of lists and tasks you have created to monitor your organization. Keep an eye on upcoming tasks using a bar chart to flag busy days coming up. Track your on-time performance and how many days tasks are open.

Beautifully Designed

Journey to seven beautiful destinations with colorful backgrounds that change four times each day. Automatically activate the Zen-like dark mode so you can focus on getting ready for the next day.

Smart Tutorial

Maximize your efficiency with a beautifully designed tutorial that will take you through the essential features in about a minute. Customize your settings and set up your notifications and iOS integration to create a rewarding experience.

Sync Across Devices

Use iCloud to sync your tasks and lists across your iPhone, iPad, and Mac automatically. We take privacy seriously: your data is stored only on your devices and iCloud.

Free to Download

Better efficiency is just one click away. Want to create as many lists and tasks as you need? Unlimited Access is a one-time purchase and there are no recurring subscription fees.